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Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra

Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra

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FlexiArm Design™ Side Brush.

Enhancing the cleaning capabilities of its latest range, Roborock has introduced the FlexiArm Design™ Side Brush, a stretching side brush delivering 100% corner cleaning coverage – elevating the user experience.

Extra Edge Mopping System.

    The extra mop reaches closer to edges as close as <1.68mm with a 185 RPM rotating speed to eliminate dirt that you hardly see.

    VibraRise 3.0 Mopping System.

      Upgraded Sonic Mopping with 2x vibration modules and 4000 times/min high-speed sonic mopping can improve the mopping performance to remove dried stains more effectively and with 20mm Mop Lifting ability, the mop modules lift higher than the previous version to prevent any unwanted dampness on carpets.

      10,000 Pa HyperForce™ Suction.

        Extreme suction power will give a better vacuuming performance to capture dust and debris from hard floors and carpets.

        10,000 Pa suction power becomes the highest suction power of a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in the market to date.

        The 8-in-1 RockDock™ Ultra.

          For those who prioritise convenience above all else, this S8 MaxV Ultra is the ideal solution - With self-emptying for the dustbin, self-refilling of the water tank, self-cleaning for the dock base, and self-drying with 60  ̊heated air for drying the mop and dock base. Not to mention the new features such as auto detergent dispenser and 60  ̊ Hot water mop washing,  will ensure a worry-free cleaning experience.

          Smart and Smooth Navigation.

            Aside from advanced hardware solutions, Roborock has always invested heavily in discovering and implementing emerging technologies that can enhance the functionality and accessibility of its devices. Roborock’s Reactive AI 2.0 Obstacle Recognition technology can recognize and differentiate between floor and room types, accurately identifying 73 obstacles to navigate, including floor mirrors and pet supplies. Roborock SmartPlan™ function uses an advanced AI algorithm to intelligently plan and optimize cleaning paths and settings based on user habits and specific home layouts, making the cleaning process even more intelligent and efficient.

            Pet Recognition and Video Call.

              If you are a pet lover, this S8 MaxV Ultra is tailor-made for you. The software is equipped with the automatic pet recognition for pet safety to prevent potential harm caused by the robot. Also, it provides a unique way to interact and communicate with your pet with a video camera that you can remotely access.

              The warranty covered 24 months from the date of purchase of the product. Want An Extended Warranty?

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              Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra

              Regular price $2,999.00 AUD
              Sale price $2,999.00 AUD Regular price $0.00 AUD
              Sale Sold out
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              S8 MaxV Ultra

              Meet the unmatched cleaning mastery of S8 MaxV Ultra. Conquer challenging areas with the advanced corner-to-edge cleaning technology. Dive into next-level convenience with the enhanced RockDock® Ultra, Reactive AI 2.0 Obstacle Recognition and built-in intelligent voice assistant. The S8 MaxV Ultra establishes a new standard for your immaculate home.

              FlexiArm Design™ Side Brush

              Unique to Roborock, the FlexiArm Design™ automatically extends the side brush when corners and low areas under furniture are detected, allowing S8 MaxV Ultra to sweep up dirt from hard-to-reach spaces.

              Extra Edge Mopping System

              Experience next-level cleanliness with the extra edge mopping system. The innovative rotating side mop ensures precise cleanliness of floors, mopping closer to the edges with impressive margins of less than 1.68mm.

              DuoRoller Riser™ Brush

              Achieve greater vacuuming efficiency across all floor types and ensure fewer hair tangles thanks to the power of the dual-roller brush, designed for a cleaner, hassle-free environment.

              10,000Pa Extreme Suction

              S8 MaxV Ultra packs an industry-leading 10,000Pa HyperForce® suction power

              Roborock Carpet Boost+ System™

              Spotless Carpets Made Easy

              Get better carpet care with a 99.5% hair pick-up rate using the Roborock Carpet Boost+ System™.

              VibraRise® 3.0 Mopping System

              Redefining Sonic Mopping Excellence

              Featuring double vibration modules, the upgraded mop effortlessly manages dust, dirt, and dried-on stains through its 4000 times/min high-speed scrubbing. It lifts up to 20mm above the ground while cleaning carpets, allowing simultaneous vacuuming and mopping without causing unwanted dampness.

              Divide and Conquer

              Liftable Brush and Mop

              The brushes and mop boast a liftable design and adjust automatically, maximizing cleaning efficiency while preventing any staining of the freshly cleaned floor.

              99.99% Bacteria Removal Rate

              Hot Water Mop Washing

              With up to 60℃ hot water mop washing12, stubborn and greasy stains are easily dissolved from the mop, and the mop is also disinfected. This makes it sterile and suitable for kitchen and dining areas.

              Intelligent Dirt Detection

              Intelligent Dirt Detection

              During mop washing, detection continuously checks how dirty the mop is to adjust mop-washing duration, for optimal cleanliness. In heavily soiled areas, the floors will be mopped again to ensure a perfect clean.

              Auto Detergent Dispenser

              The detergent is dispensed automatically, so you don’t need to fill in the detergent every time and worry about the proportion. With a spacious 580ml detergent tank, fill it once to support over 3 months.

              Smart Enough to Stay Out of Troubles

              Reactive AI 2.0 Obstacle Recognition

              Combining advanced 3D structured light and an RGB camera, the S8 MaxV Ultra effortlessly identifies floor and room types, while skillfully navigating around obstacles like shoes, pet waste, and even floor mirrors, for a truly carefree cleaning experience.

              The 8-in-1 RockDock® Ultra

              The convenience of automatic dock water refilling and draining, automatic emptying, hot water mop washing and drying, robot water refilling, detergent dispensing and fast charging features ensures a worry-free cleaning experience.

              Pet-Friendly Power

              Not only does it recognize pets and stop its main brushes when avoiding them, but it also boosts suction power when cleaning around pet supplies, guaranteeing a flawless clean.

              DirTect™ Technology

              S8 MaxV Ultra goes beyond simple dirt detection. It recognizes dirt and cleans adaptively, from increasing suction power for heavy dust to employing mop-only mode with increased water for stubborn stains. Perfectly efficient, perfectly clean.

              Tailored for The Best Route

              PreciSense® LiDAR Navigation

              PreciSense® LiDAR Navigation system scans and simultaneously creates detailed maps to determine the most efficient cleaning route, bringing a thorough and time-effective clean.

              “Hello Rocky”

              Built-in Intelligent Voice Assistant

              Jumpstart your cleaning tasks and explore more capabilities with a simple “Hello Rocky”, even without network connection. Whether you’re engaged in work, preparing a meal or just want to kick back and relax, cleaning has never been easier.

              Roborock SmartPlan™ Technology

              With SmartPlan Mode on, all you need to do is choose the cleaning area and leave the rest to the S8 MaxV Ultra. It will determine how to clean automatically based on the environment.

              Enjoy Every Swipe

              Real-Time Connect & Command

              Enjoy video connectivity and remote access to your home. Video calling, checking on pets, and scheduled or manually controlled cruises are all within your reach.

              Your Privacy, Our Priority

              Emphasizing the significance of privacy and security, Reactive Al 2.0, for obstacle avoidance, operates without saving any images.

              Additionally, the S8 MaxV Ultra is TUV Rheinland certified as a secure, smart home product and complies with ETSI EN 303 645 cyber security regulations.

              • S8 MaxV Ultra


                350 x 353 x 103 mm


                409 x 419 x 470 mm

              • FlexiArm Design™ Side Brush

              • DuoRoller Riser™ Brush

              • HyperForce® Suction

              • VibraRise® 3.0 Mopping System

              • Carpet Boost+ System™

              • Reactive AI 2.0 Obstacle Recognition

              • Sensient® Sensor Array

              • Adaptive Route Algorithms

              • Intelligent Voice Assistant

              • Customizable App Features

              • Quiet Mopping

              • Child Lock